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About Us

Why Antagon

Antagon International is a consulting services Company whom, through a group of specialised professionals, strives to pull together the needs of our clients with the qualifications of the professionals within our database.

Through the job description details and profile demands presented by our clients, we search, select and intermediate the entire recruiting process of the candidates whose studies, experience and practical knowledge suit the needs of our clients.

Only by providing good candidates we are able to maintain our good reputation among our clients. 

If we are asked for a specific position, we will present only the best targeted candidates for the opening. 

We will not rest until we find the best candidate for the position!


Our mission is mainly to be a Company of excellence in the Human Resources area and to satisfy and understand our Clients´ needs and satisfy them through a team of highly trained and motivated HR specialists


         we efficiently achieve what we set ourselves to do.


         we meet the requirements of Clients and Employees.


         we provide custom, diversified and innovative services.

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